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We speak the language, know the market, and have all of the relevant disciplines in-house to develop quality products with a high conversion rate.

Market leader in Benelux

Years of experience in the iGaming industry and a team full of professionals make it possible, together with partners from all around the world, to walk innovative paths for our sports betting communities in Benelux and beyond.

Total interactions

The number of interactions is, for us, a barometer for success. The more active the community, the better we have done our job.

Unique users

An impressive amount in a niche market. Each day, we reach thousands of sports fans around the world.

New accounts

New members join our communities every day. We always try to create a relevant platform where our members feel valued.


In-house expertise

Broad knowledge and skills in a multi-disciplinary team.

  • Content development

    With dozens of writers and moderators in our team, we provide daily, up-to-date information for our members. Whether it is regarding previews, articles, or discussions in one of our many forums, our writers and moderators ensure that the atmosphere remains optimal 24/7.

  • Rules and regulations

    We attach great importance to remaining compliant with the latest rules and regulations. Keeping up-to-date with responsible gambling regulations is an important task in today’s world. The laws in Belgium have recently changed, and they are subject to change in the rest of the world. Therefore, our legal team is assisted and informed by different iGaming experts such as Kalf Katz Franssen (Amsterdam), Astrealaw (Belgium), and Nordic Gambling (Sweden).

  • Development

    Our development team is highly educated and is always up to date with the latest technical developments. Our platforms are built with Laravel and Angular 7, where speed, consistency, and security are always the priority. To ensure this remains optimal, we work with thousands of automated tests.

  • SEO & data analysis

    Search engines are always busy fine-tuning their algorithms to make searches as relevant as possible to the customer. With unique and qualitative content, we try to connect to all the different markets. Thorough data analysis is, therefore, the instrument with which we can make the best choices. The numbers tell the tale.

  • Conversion rate optimisation

    By using the latest techniques, we aim for an optimal conversion from related traffic to our many partners. This is a continuous process where we only settle for the best.

  • Design

    Form follows function. A strong design is not just something good to look at: it affects conversion and total product experience. Our creative design team knows how important the implementation of a consistent house style is for trustworthiness and recognisability.

  • Marketing

    Our experienced marketers work daily to grow and bring attention to our brands to our target groups. The aim is to serve all personas in a targeted manner with optimal, relevant information.


Our products

The products that we are most proud of.


Voetbalwedden.net is an online community targeting sports lovers who want to improve their sport betting skills at (online) bookmakers. Started in 2008 as one of the first portals of its kind in Benelux, now more than 60,000 sports lovers have found their way to voetballwedden.net and have made an account as a community member. This platform aims to bring information together for community members to learn, share, and enjoy themselves with like-minded people. Unique content is created daily by our experienced bettors.

  • Thousands of unique visitors every day
  • Active since 2008
  • Over 60,000 accounts
  • Latest previews
  • Market leader in sports betting in Benelux

Currently, we are preparing for the day that a new historic chapter will be written concerning the regulations around gambling in the Netherlands. After 2021, Dutch legislation, as one of the last countries in Europe, will legalise the placing of bets with licensed providers. The expectation is that, alongside TOTO, lots of new providers will be able to enter the Dutch market, including internationally known names.


Bettingfans.com was founded in 2018 and has opened the doors to the market outside Benelux. Outside our known playing field lies a broader market with interest wherein we wish to take the steps to develop an international platform with English as the main language. To navigate the difficult rules and regulations of each country, we have developed an ingenious GEO allowing system where different content is shown depending on the country, product, and provider. We will roll out the platform in phases, and during development, the platform temporarily acts as a sales portal, with slimmed-down functionality.

  • Active since 2018
  • Main language: English
  • Target group: everybody outside the Netherlands and Belgium
  • Going live at the end of 2019

We will only include bookmakers on bettingfans.com who have a licence and have proved their product, trustworthiness, and reliability. Out of thousands of different online bookmakers, we will make a selective choice from parties with whom we will work together. Therefore, we can focus on trustworthy partners with whom we can have a long, fruitful relationship. Just as with our Dutch product, in the long term, everything will be dominated by the expanding international community.

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